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Down to Earth: Greenhouse of Trust

I’m not on Facebook so much these months, because I am on a Safari in the future catching up on years of waldorf-steiner school that I had missed in my life, until now.

Here on Earth, a good sized 150-people colony is thriving on bio-gas and solar-panels from China. Scents of flowers, colorful cacti and a yet obscure temple of love resemble my own body of flesh, fear and hope. Connected to so many other around the world, the community of Tamera is in search of the acupuncture points of todays sick world. On my arrival day, the World Council of Global Peace was just commencing in a large straw-bale and wooden building. And while droplets of blessed water were dispensed over the audience, I still had little notion of the central position that free, clean and healthy water holds in the political and religious conflicts of today. Little was my knowledge of how naturally available abundance and resources are an undeniable foundation for a healthy and creative human life. Water and War is a two-word pair that we should not forget again.

Rock Rose, ever-present and amongst the breeze. A zillion chirping birds in neo-paradise. The absence of this natural basis -fertile soils, free-seeds and homegrown goodness taken by colonial powers, exploiters and fighting-one-another governments- leads people to dispair. The disconnection between humans and their local natural environments leads them to look at the systems of power further away from the locality of their own life, inevitably handing over autonomous and creative power to the ‘leaders’ and other authority figures. Giving up regional autonomy is what makes people vulnerable to economic waves and orchestrated dis-empowerment.

In peace, I sit on a brief moment of break in between demanding self-reflexive theater classes and psycho-terapeutical group exercises. The panorama on our terra-formed landscape, the water retention lakes and wild connected horses that wave their tails from left to right and up and down, provide me with the real news of the planet. I am voluntarily being forced out of my individual perception of my life and of the world. And while the Free Love and Sexuality brief that I got on day 1 made me feel frightened, this fertile enclave in the arid landscape looks nothing like a ball of orgy-ing hippies at all. Rather, the people here, for the first time perhaps, are taking the space to connect with another human-being before labels like 'partners’ and/or 'boyfriend’ are needed to put a demanding classification on a sensation that is natural: LOVE.

No, people are not fucking in the first quarter of the moon even though they could, but instead attend a class on journalism, breathe into their abdominal pain and understand that MEDIA, as we know it today, started in fact as a single-interest war-journalism at the times of the Vietnam war. There is really nothing much else than journalism on war in the mainstream media, with the exception of competitive sports and discussions of pedofilia, racism and proof of the inevitable death of the natural homeostasis of our ecology. It is as if news-papers are just collected stacks of papers filled with fear ads, stripping us of our powers to create life on earth just as our happy bodies would want us all to.

The distorted reports on what is happening in 'the world’ is like a general type of information-glue that holds people’s ability to conceive of a real world of abundance down to a mediocre, if not nearly absent level. The flame is getting so small we can all feel it burning intensely in our deep stomach tissue, where it sits in an embrace with our soul. While the sales of the industries of war and fear gain increasing profit, the world, the people, the hearts and the horses feel that they become closer to extinction than ever before…. But is this really the case? Or is this doom-scenario like a magical formula calling forth exactly that which it so fearfully tries to escape from?

Can we get out of the space of resonance that attracts exactly the doom it speaks about? To end a self-fulfilling prophecy we need a re-invention of media and news platforms - this is so absolutely important for the planet… crucial to the feed of the folks at their home computer, breakfast tables and metro-rides. The reinvention of our info-stream (=the nutrition of the probability of potential realities) is the only thing we can do to not turn our life here into a continuum of fear, anger or disassociation - led by corporately owned 'sources of the real' we call newspapers and television.

With the wise elders, stone circles, homeopathy-cabinets and Ikea furnitures that populate my direct environment in the greenhouse of trust that this place really is, I feel that not all hope is gone. In fact, while I share a collective afternoon lunch, fresh from the solar cooker, I look at the continual influx and outflow of pilgrims, long-term residents and other psychosomatic and holographic neo-world builders and explorers that come to Tamera to prepare themselves for another 16.000 years of life to come. A next life, on the same planet, sculpted by the lessons of history and the proof of science that our connection with the divine is evidential. A life lived in total trust of that fact. In total openness to that fundamental aspect of being human. A dance of life, an adventure… not a fight or flight surviving.

My first report on my Safari in this historic site of transformation will end here for now. So far it has been good. I say historic not because this place is a few 100 years old, but because I know that in the future this situation here will have been pivotal, essential: a beacon of the continual thriving and joyful expansion of our species and the rest of the natural and spiritual world.

My best,
Your Peace Journalist

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