Dripstone is the research blog of Venus Jasper, a queer visual artist, researcher, writer and curator currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Grove is in the Heart

Below is the essay GROVE IS IN THE HEART by Georgia Kareola, published in the magazine Kunstlicht's 40th anniversary edition, SPELLBOUND. The essay reflects on the work "Enter the Grove" as it is performed in various cultural spaces in the Netherlands in 2020 and the three songs of S T O N E O R G Y, a musical project between Jasper Griepink and Giek_1.

From the website of Kunstlicht: "The issue focusses on rituals and magical practices within contemporary art and visual culture. The Magical theme related to ‘spells’ is understood in the widest interpretation possible, as something supernatural, something which goes beyond traditions of rationale or logic. And importantly, Magic also is understood in this issue as something which is at the heart of rationale and logic itself, undermining these epistemologies’ promised security. Why, when, and how do we cast spells? What spells do we need right now? The issue is filled to the brim with contributions answering, nuancing, and broadening our scope."

- Please buy a copy of SPELLBOUND here.
- Follow the work of Georgia Kareola here.
- Watch Enter the Grove online here.

Enter the Grove is now online here to watch at home or in your communities. Thank you IMPAKT Utrecht and MU Hybrid Artspace for hosting the work in 2020, Other Futures for incubating, and Mondrian Fund for financial support via the Proven Talent Stipend. Music production was supported by CBK Rotterdam in 2018. Graphic text works in the video by Deborah Mora.

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