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Solarpunk > Earthpunk > Soilpunk

img: Vegal city by Belgian architect Luc Schuiten

Eco Feminism

"The aim of ecofeminism is to liberate nature and all those oppressed social groups that are equated to nature from the oppression of colonial capitalist-patriarchy, for the ultimate goal of reciprocal multispecies flourishing."
- Chelsea Power-->https://base.socioeco.org/docs/power_chelsea_ma_2020.pdf

Solar Punk

"If we wish to avoid climate catastrophes, we must pursue a different future than the one we are on track for today. However, there is a problem: How do we move toward a future that we cannot imagine? Inspired by this problem, there is a unique task which accompanies fighting climate change: imagining what the world looks like in which we do succeed. Without direction, we cannot make demands. Without an image of what a changed world looks like, where does hope lie? If we persist in thinking that positive change is impossible, we will prove ourselves right. If we are to commit ourselves to consequential change, we need a positive vision. One such vision can be found in solarpunk. For media literacy educators, solarpunk is an example of alternative media texts that challenge ego-centric narratives with more sustainable counter- hegemonic paths for eco-centric possibilities.

“Solar” is itself a reference to solar energy, from photovoltaic cells to passive heating—clean, sustainable, renewable energies with minimal carbon footprint. In the darkness of climate anxiety, solarpunk is a beam of hope showing the way toward a livable future. “Punk” evokes the rebellious and countercultural aspects of the genre. Fundamentally, solarpunk imagines an overturning of the status quo—challenging ecological and social injustices. Punk has a long history of anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, and anti-capitalist thought. Solarpunk proudly carries this tradition into the twenty-first century. “Punk” also evokes individuality, although not individualism. By aligning with the marginalized, solarpunk resists the stifling taboos which promote uniformity. By depicting empowered, autonomous communities, neither the sameness of Soviet brutalism nor the false diversity of fifteen different potato-chip brands persist in a solarpunk world. Rather, communities are able to decide their own dress, speech, architecture, life-style, etc.

Solarpunk has [also] been a space for the representation of women, trans folks, and non- binary people, with the promise that the future will be one which overcomes its history of misogyny and patriarchy. By the same token, solarpunk provides a space for the depiction of a future free of heterosexism, a future beyond compulsory monogamy, or a future beyond gender altogether.

Solarpunk is a chance to imagine what the future could be, and this means imagining what a world would look like which addressed its injustices (rather than the simply-utopian path of imagining them away without a plan)."
- Isaijah Johnson




The Word for World is Soil > Forest People and Soil People


My upcoming show EARTHSHRINE in MU, Eindhoven

But also: SWAMPTHING (I recommend the original comic books, but also:
https://ww3.d123movies.to/watch-series-2/swamp-thing-season-1_cwkozvobe/k8e0dlq-full-episodes-free-online?WatchNow=1 theehee! enjoy that viridian thrillllll ;-) )



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