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Reading Bubbles in the Water, Sacred Natural Sites, Aluna

See/Hear/Feel the message from the last theocratic chiefdom in America, hidden for centuries on a mountain in Colombia: The Kogi - who have made this documentary to help us understand how to avoid the destruction of the world that they are trying to protect, and of ourselves. One thing to do is span a golden 400-miles long thread across several Sacred Natural Sites dotted on the coastline of Colombia. Stunning footage. Very much the sort of Non-Antropocentric Deep Mystical Ecological Knowing that I find in the work of Bayo Akomolafe (PHD) and the Earth Treasure Vase project also.

The Kogi to me seem to have a very alive and actualized form of reading/speaking the language of nature, as profiled so extensively and with such devotion in my latest fav: 'The Spell of the Sensuous' – a book by David Abrams on perception and language in a more than human world. About how reading text/written words has actually altered our brain and severely weakened our capacity to have empathy/communion with anything, really – hence a loss of participation as perception which is native to indigenous peoples. But more on this gem-book in another post. For now: enjoy the Mythos of the Black and Golden Thread in this stunning BBC-esque feature.


"They lay the gold thread from one river estuary in Colombia to another in order to show how the destruction of river estuaries feeds back up the river in the end to destroy the source of the river. Showing the interconnectedness of everything on the earth [...]. The theme of what they were doing was showing that the earth itself is a living body in which everything is interconnected and damage to some of it is damage to all of it."— Alan Ereira (director)

To me this entire videographed socio-ecological Land Art Pilgrimage speaks the same message as the 'How Wolves Change Rivers' shortvid which was released and hyped on the web in '14, which is also stunning to watch.


I'm being touched always by the intricate interwoven collaborations between species -animal, plant, insect and what not- on our planet. A true miracle in which I find myself. A weaving present in so many ancestral stories. Yet despite the miraculous some out there still seek to debunk the Sacred Matrix by researching how Wolves did NOT singlehandedly change the River. Well yikes! As if the Language of the Landscape hasn't been muted enough through all imperialism and capitalism and etno-cultural-ecocidal colonialismz! STHAP blindingly rejecting the Earths Proze, please. The only thing to de-bunk is how deeply you identify with your ego, really - spend your time meditating, care for Life: give it a space in your business.

But ok, if still not convinced about the Importance of Sacred Natural Sites, here is an extensive Unesco research extrapolating how the interlinkedness of species, plants, micro-climates (etc) on particular places on the earth have direct effects on on the livelihood, health and safety of entire communities, women, elderly and kids! That, and the health of nature, and the vast resource that is the unknown and unseeable and unutterable. Acupuncture points, let me tell you. The Sacred isn't Foolish, listen to these Mamas!

'You don't have to abandon your (city) lives,
But you must protect the rivers'

Peace out,
Your Peace Journalist

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