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Secure Attachement to the Land.

Animist Somatics:

I'm currently writing a long text about trauma, neurodivergence and the (sacred) landscape and I got so deeply inspired by this podcast:The Poison Contains The Medicine: Ancestral Healing & Unintegrated Trauma w/ Dare Sohei

From the podcast organizer: "In this episode, I speak with animist counselor and artist Dare Sohei. I ask Dare what the animism in animist counseling is. As they state on their website and elaborate on further in this interview: "Animism, briefly, is the felt sense that all matter, all bodies are inhabited with spirit, including non-corporeal bodies such as ancestors, beliefs and ideas, that exert influence on our bodies, actions and cultures. All of our ancient ancestors were animists, even though that term is more modern."

From there, Dare tells me how recognizing of our inherent relationships — whether they are secure or insecure attachments to our bodies, the land, ancestors, more-than-human life, and cultural somas (such as "white supremacy," and this thing we call "The United States of America") — can allow us to address the fundamental disconnection that is producing the crises we find ourselves in presently."

BIO: Dare Sohei (also Dare Carrasquillo) is a queer mixed-race somatic educator, and neurodivergent ritual animist who specializes in helping humans heal relationships with their bodies, the earth, their ancestors, and the more-than-human world. Dare has trained for many years in somatic movement practices, as a dancer/theater maker/trainer on Ohlone land in the SF Bay area, and has a long ongoing study/praxis into the human nervous system and trauma and how that relates to indigenous wisdom and medicine practices.




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