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Wxtchcraft Lectures

img: adrienne maree brown. Photos: Anjali Pinto

This year's Studium Generale (at the KABK, the Hague) will put its ears to the ground and listen to the many-gendered witches that history couldn't burn.

Many second-wave feminist groups and contemporary traditions like Wicca and WITCH (the Women's International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell), found in the figure of the Witch an embodiment of the supreme feminine. These groups did the relevant and necessary groundwork. However, they relied on essentialistic and binary notions of gender, which empowered some at the expense of the exclusion of others.

Wxtch Craft lecture series

For the first part of this Wxtch Craft Cycle (the Fall 2020 sessions), KABK has asked seven guests to reflect on these daunting times, with some dark constellations in the skies and political events at the horizon. Blending their crafts with their knowledge, they will share their broomstick insights, pointing to emotional-physical-spiritual resources to draw on when the going seems to be getting tougher and tougher.

Credit: https://www.kabk.nl/studium-generale/studium-generale-kabk-2020-2021-lecture-series-witch-craft

... Videos below ...

Johanna Hedva

adrienne maree brown

Denise Ferreira da Silva & Valentina Desideri

Luanda Casella

melanie bonajo - SKINSHIP

Spring Sessions 2021

Susan Ploetz - Play as politics and somatic imagination


Follow the Studium Generale on Instagram account @wxtchcraftkabk to be in the loop of this exchange. Resources are shared, and we are available for you with a ready mind and sympathetic ear to all your suggestions, concerns and ideas.

Program curator: Erika Sprey
Design, art-direction and program advisor: Dayna Casey
Coordinator: Janne van Gilst

Cover photo of post:
Adrienne Maree Brown. Photos: Anjali Pinto

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