Venus Jasper is a queer visual artist, storyteller, world builder, performative priestess, researcher, educator, writer, and curator, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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06 + 07 July

Open Studio exhibition during Blauwe Zone Festival, Amsterdam

01 July

My Artist Talk and Q&A with Lee Pivnik at Green Space Miami is now online!

02 May

Thank you Mondrian Fund for granting the Artist Basis, a couple years of support!

01 May - 31 may

All of May, I'll be at the AIRIE residency in the Everglades National Park (USA)

21 + 28 April

Open studio presentation at my new art studio!

11 March

My new website is online!

05 September–10 October 2023

Teaching Future Fields at BEAR ArtEZ, Arnhem

01–05 September 2023

Visiting the Bienal de São Paulo with Mondriaan Fund!

01-30 June 2023

Spending the entire month at SÍM Residency, Reykjavik (IS)

June 16 2023

Performing at LungA Festival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

20-22 April 2023

Engagements at Earth Bonds symposium, Rupert Vilnius (LT)

01 December 2022

Interviewing Dr. Vandana Shiva for Earth Craft symposium, The Hague

Selection of Artworks

Murky Murky, Little Bitch Witch
Murky Medicine Swamp
Herring God MoanZ (Síldarguð MoanZ)
EARTHSHRINE - Sensing Sacred Soils
DIRTY (Before Dirt Was Dirty)
Grove 2.0 - Chapel of Wild Wisdom

Media coverage and interviews


As part of my month-long AiR at AIRIE Everglades (USA), I was interviewed by Miami-based artist and queer ecologist Lee Pivnik, the founder of the Institute of Queer Ecology. In the talk, hosted at Greenspace Miami, I share about my recent art practice and my time in the Everglades.

Watch here (English, 75 min)

Toegezongen Aarde.

Visiting Song Sing Soil in the Vleeshal, with Jasper Griepink. A dialogue between Dagmar Bosma and Jasper about soil, zombie fungus dangers, and being symbionts, while visiting the exhibition Song Sing Soil by Eglė Budvytytė en Marija Olšauskaitė.

Read the dialogue (Dutch)

Have we met? Interview podcast with MU Eindhoven.

Featured in a new podcast series by MU Eindhoven about EARTHSHRINE, worldbuilding, the sacred, eco-feminism and queer nature. Great interview by Lieke Mangindaan. Hope you enjoy! (Dutch language).

Listen here (Dutch, 41 mins)

To Live and Die With Soil.

Essay by Georgia Kareola, contextualizing the exhibition EARTHSHRINE - a show offering an eco-fictional sacred space with multi-media artworks and public gatherings inviting us to redefine our relationship with soil. The essay unpacks the current soil crisis, and works with critical theory on soil ecologies and new materialist thought to help understand sensing as a way of relating, and soil as a complex living, multi-species assemblage.

Read the essay (15 min)

Grove is in the Heart.

For the 40th anniversary edition of the art magazine Kunstlicht: SPELLBOUND, Georgia Kareola wrote an essay to reflect on my work Enter the Grove and S T O N E O R G Y x DEEPSOIL as performed in various cultural spaces in the Netherlands between 2019 and 2021. The essay focusses on rituals, magical practices and materialist practices within contemporary art and visual culture.

Read it here (15 min)

Kunst is Lang.

I was interviewed about my recent projects for the podcast Kunst is Lang, by Mister Motley magazine and Luuk Heezen. The interview can be found on nearly all podcast platforms, but also on this link. Click below for the video of the interview.

Watch video (50 min)

Orgasme als wondermiddel.

Writer Puck Kroon published a review at Mister Motley about the show Orgonomics, curated by Pádraic E. Moore for Garage Rotterdam. The exhibition centers on the work of Wilhelm Reich and his research of "orgone energy", a sexual bio-energy famously sung about by Kate Bush in the song Cloud Busting.

Read here! (Dutch)

Wanneer taal poëzie wordt, komen we dichter bij de werkelijkheid.

Deep and long interview about my work in 2020 with Lieneke Hulshof for Mister Motley. We talk about language, indigenous knowledge, paganism, speculative fiction, and my recent performances.

English translation can be found here. Enjoy!

Read interview here (Dutch)

Delirious Lustwarande, a book on Contemporary Sculpture.

Very excited to be part of the 2019 book Delirious Lustwarande - Excursions in Contemporary Sculpture III, a book on contemporary sculpture published by Lustwarande Tilburg. The book collects several years of art shown at Lustwarande, including my work Grove 2.0 - Chapel of Wild Wisdom. The book also includes several essays by Dominic van den Boogerd, Johan Pas and Domeniek Ruijters.

Order the book here!

Kunstenaar als Sjamaan.

Art historian Nadeche Remst wrote a review for Metropolis M about the performance event Echoes of Shamanism, which took place at Zone2Source, Amsterdam. She discusses the works of each artist, also featuring some photographs.

Read it here (Dutch)

Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory

As part of the book We Are The Market! by Onomatopee, Josh Plough wrote a review of my performance Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP. The book features 18 unannounced commissioned taking place in the shopping center of Eindhoven.

Read review here.

Natuur en cultuur.

Anne Lotte Dekker wrote a review for Tubelight about the show Disruption - Remapping Nature at Lustwarande Tilburg, for which I had made the work Grove 2.0 - Chapel of Wild Wisdom.

Check it out (Dutch)

Niet menselijke Krachten op de Lustwarande

The Dutch newspaper NRC, published a review and photography feature of Disruption - Remapping Nature, the exhibiton at Lustwarande Tilburg, for which I had made the work Grove 2.0 - Chapel of Wild Wisdom.  

Read it here (Dutch)

Lustwarande en de connectie Tilburg – Kasselv

Domeniek Ruyters, chief editor of Metropolis M, reviews the show Disruption - Remapping Nature at Lustwarande Tilburg, for which I had made the work Grove 2.0 - Chapel of Wild Wisdom.

Online here (Dutch)

Futuristic Primitivism.

Curator Rieke Vos interviewed me about my past 29 years on Earth for O, Wonder! Magazine, a new platform and magazine for dialogue and inspiration around Green Culture, Climate Change, New Economies, and the notion of the Anthropocene. I also contributed an essay on Permaculture and alternative community for the same publication. Read all about it!

Read PDF here (Dutch)

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