Venus Jasper is a queer visual artist, storyteller, world builder, performative priestess, researcher, educator, writer, and curator, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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EARTHSHRINE - Sensing Sacred Soils

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EARTHSHRINE is the first bigger soloshow by Venus Jasper. The exhibition was showed in their birth town Eindhoven (NL) at MU Hybrid Arthouse.

EARTHSHRINE can best be seen as a speculative shrine for soil, which presented a lot of artworks from the years leading up to it. EARTHSHRINE featured EDEN SPACECRAFT (2022), Trans Neolithic Future – series of drawings (2019 - 2021), the video installations EARTHHURT (2021) and DIRTY (2022). There was also a reading table, a sketchbook, several composting altars and a unique scents and soundscape bound together in several hand-made hemp-fiber and willow 6 x 10 meter walls.

The show also featured many smaller rock-like sculptures and presented a folkloric-punk ritual live programming: from educational workshops and academic talks to live rituals and entire music nights with ceremonial-rave music, featuring several international artists; Victoria McKenzie, Georgia Kareola, YaYa Bones (Bones Tan Jones), sWitches and Ibellisse Guardia Ferragutti.

The entire exhibition, and the extensive live program was conceived by theartist. Many additional educational activities, walks and workshops have alsobeen organized by the MU Education team in the context of EARTHSHRINE.


  1. Temple-Talk: Is Soil Sacred? (May 26th) |  conversation between Victoria McKenzie, Georgia Kareola and Venus Jasper.
  2. Prayer-performance: EARTH FUNGUS BLESSING (May 29th) | collective rital performance with Victoria Mckenzie and Venus Jasper.
  3. EARTHRAVE (June 11th) | music and ritual with Yaya Bones (Bones Tan Jones), sWitches and Ibellisse Guardia Ferragutti and Venus Jasper.

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Design, Concept: Venus Jasper
Spatial Production: MU production team
Spatial elements: w/ Alex Zeta, Jacob Kok (circle bed), Karen Huang (flags), Michal Dawid
Artist Assistent: Michal Dawid
Photography on print: Kyle Tryhorn

Director: Venus Jasper
DOP: Konstantin Guz
Edit: Igor Lorok, Venus Jasper
Costume: Jacob Kok
MUA: SletLana
Music: "EARTHHURT" by Venus Jasper
Performer: Venus Jasper

Director: Jasper Griepink
DOP: Konstantin Guz
Edit: Igor Lorok, Venus Jasper
Costume: Jacob Kok
MUA: SletLana
Music: "DIRTY" by Venus Jasper ft. Giek_1
Performers: Venus Jasper, Giek_1

Mondriaan Fonds