Venus Jasper is a queer visual artist, storyteller, world builder, performative priestess, researcher, educator, writer, and curator, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Do you curate exhibitons?

Yes, besides my artistic practice, I occasionally freelance as a curator for platforms, institutions and venues. Below are some recent projects and related themes of interest.


In 2021, I co-curated the manifestation RE_NATURE together with curator Imke Ruigrok in several locations in Den Bosch (NL). I focused on a chapter called RE_MEMBER, which was a thematic exhibition with a side program related to UNROOTING and REROOTING taking place at Willem Twee, Den Bosch. We evoked non-western connection and experiences of "nature" and investigated what has destroyed such connections, and how they can be rekindled.

RE_MEMBER included: Tabita Rezaire (FR), Institute of Queer Ecology (USA), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Zheng Bo (CN), Arahmaiani (ID), Keiko Sato (JP), Amanda Piña (CL) and Müge Yilmaz (TR). The whole festival presented 45 artists and projects.

- Kunstfestival RE_NATURE [...], NRC newspaper (NL)
- Kleine evoluties in ons denken, Maurits de Bruijn, Mister Motley (NL)
- Promotional video (NL)- re-nature.org

2022: All Flourishing is Mutual, MELKWEG

In spring 2022, I was invited by Colette Olof to co-curate a show in MELKWEG EXPO Amsterdam. Orbiting the work of Robin Wall Kimmerer and notions of the more-than-human, the show All Flourishing is Mutual brought together young, local, and international names such as Sissel Marie Tonn (DK), Layla Durrani & Liza Prins (NL/USA) and others. Through my invitation, the platform Queer Nature (USA) and artist Ella Yolande (UK) both had their first show in the Netherlands.

- Examining our connection to the natural world, Glamcult (English)
- Promotional video (English)
- allflourishingismutual.melkwegexpo


Playful. Visioning. Questioning. Speculative. Indigenous Language & Cosmology. Animism. Queer. Non-Western Ontologies. Critical Research. Storytelling. Neurodivergence. More-than-Human. Design. Queerness. Invoking. Evoking. Experience. Offline. Somatic. Performance. Ecofeminism. Mysticism. Indigenous Justice + Cosmologies. Ritual.