Venus Jasper is a queer visual artist, storyteller, world builder, performative priestess, researcher, educator, writer, and curator, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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EARTHHURT (3:34 min) installed in different venues, and several stills. The installation comprises soil, a screen or projector, a huge black rock to sit on, and one custom-shaped black rock headset.

The video installation EARTHHURT consists of an island of earth, black rocks, water pools and air plants in the gallery space, holding anLCD-screen with a video, and a special custom shaped headphone for one person.

With a guttural and emotional soundtrack, the video EARTHHURT takes a viewer in and points to notions of eco grief - the despair surrounding the climate crisis.

Covered in dark wet earth and curled up into a quivering heap, thecreature takes deep breaths as it tries to pronounce “earth is our biggestteacher”; a reminder of times when the earth was honored as a wise and powerfulsource. Although we might not see them, Griepink suggests that invisible folksof the woodlands are going through a crisis as much as humans are.

EARTHHURT was presented at the manifestation RE_NATURE in Den Bosch, as a video at MELKWEG, Dat Bolwerck Zutphen, and OPYUM Festival Paris. It was also installed as an installation at MU, Eindhoven, and shown at Rupert, Vilnius. Photos have also been exhibited at Odapark Venray, Museum IJsselstein and Vishal Haarlem.

Below is one of the photos that belong to this work.

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Project: Venus Jasper
Camera: Konstantin Guz
Music: Jasper Griepink
Edit: Igor Lorok + Venus Jasper
Graphics: Nufolklore Studio
MUA: Sletlana
Lights: Ben Geraerts
Costume: Jacob Kok
Set design w/: Cris Dobbins
Catering: alexinwonderland.nl
Gaffer: Jasper Griep

CBK Rotterdam
Mondriaan Fonds
Tungsten Studio