Venus Jasper is a queer visual artist, storyteller, world builder, performative priestess, researcher, educator, writer, and curator, currently based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Photos from the EARTHRAVE event at EARTHSHRINE, MU Eindhoven.

As the finale of the live program of EARTHSHRINE, this night featured performances by YaYa Bones, Venus Jasper, sWitches and Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti. Together with the audience, they created the night of EARTHRAVE as an energetic offering to Mother Earth.

Making music for the body, mind, soul and most of all: the soil. For one evening, MU tranforms into an earth-rave-club. A place for togetherness – like ancient sacred spots to honor the earth, and modern-day clubs where sweating bodies, dancing the night away, seem to magically become one.


YaYa Bones

YaYa Bones is the musical alter ego of Bones Tan Jones (UK). They will invite participants to reconnect to the soil through sounds, song and movement. Bones weaves their Qi Gong and reiki training, into electronic and operatic earth-beats using their voice and effects pedals, creating an immersive space where the audience is asked to flow together. YaYa Bones will also collaborate with SOUL VENUXX (Jasper Griepink) on a new invocation song for the Earth.

sWitches is an interdisciplinary, cyberfeminist, artivist constellation formed by pamela varela, Ines DeRu, and Ella Hebendanz. Taking the witch as a symbol for their rebellious feminist, they make their way into the patriarchal technological field, to express a more diverse(ifying) view on technology.

In celebration of Earth, the soil, the land, tḝrr@ is a portal, a passage where time and space bend and blend. Channeling the forces of conductivity, sWitches feed and respire the electric impulses of the ground and of each other, which influence the sonic and visual landscape. As we become part of the space through touch, our bodies extend the electromagnetic signals and we collectively transform the elements of the digital and physical worlds.

Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
Ibelisse is an interdisciplinary artist, performer, vocalist, theatre maker, composer and spiritual activist. She practices ritual in the form of concerts and performances. Born in Bolivia grew up in Brazil, her decolonization process has led her to a deep journey wherein ceremony has played an essential role. Nowadays it is fully interwoven in the ecology of her work. An artistic practice that invites embodiment, voicing and acknowledgment at all times.

In the Andean cosmovision worlds are separated in three dimensions. Kaypacha is the middleworld, the world that belongs to humans, plants, animals. It is a realm where we are invited to experience the dimension of earth's voices. Kaypacha is a beat-driven performance wherein Ibelisse's composition, based on south american rhythm content, aims to activate the pelvic area resonance. The pelvic area is a potent portal. To shake it, move it and spiral it, is a conduit for opening and landing through embodiment, serenading in that way the earth's body.

Venus Jasper
The maker of EARTHSHRINE, Venus Jasper, is bringing an updated version of their performance series called STONEORGY; a music-performance-ritual-experience that resulted from a research on how to turn paganism and ancient sacred sites into contemporary music events. The research starting in 2018 and lasting until 2022 restulted in the musical EP STONEORGY, the story-telling experience Enter the Grove, and the tale of DEEPSOIL. For EARTHRAVE, Venus shared some original tracks and some new songs that activated audiences to interact with the soil and the future.

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Photography: Hanneke Wetzer
Artist Assistent: Michal Dawid
Dress: Jacob Kok + Venus Jasper

Thank you MU